What is xooox and why is it here ?

Ride-hailing has become a new buzz word in the cab industry. The introduction of app-based technologies has changed the way riders find transport and has disrupted the existing industry.

Cab companies and drivers are readily available across the entire country, delivering an excellent service to riders - but how do you know where they all are, at any given time?

xooox is not a transport company. We don’t take drivers away from companies. Instead, we enable the existing industry to become more efficient in delivering a great service to riders.

xooox hasn’t just launched in London, Manchester, York or Luton, it is available everywhere - with the ability to build a legal and compliant transport network across the entire UK.

xooox will allow cab companies and drivers to remain independent, but network together to offer an unrivalled service to riders across any country it exists in.

xooox will also offer the ability to all enforcement authorities responsible for rider safety to also network together to provide a real-time enforcement service for their responsible districts.

Drivers and riders: just download the app and be part of building something for you.