Welcome to the xooox driver application

The xooox driver application allows you to take total control over every aspect needed to enhance your working day and earn money more efficiently on your terms.

Control your own prices

Take total control over your pricing in real-time. Just adjust the slider and your fare will be calculated to always make sure you get the best rates.

Control what you pay xooox

You control your fee. xooox charges both driver and rider and you, the driver, take charge over this process. Minimum driver fee is 0% of the price you set.

Move without moving

When you see rider hotspots appear, use the radius slider to touch a hotspot and your price and ETA will be instantly delivered to the rider. No more waiting for a booking; now you can go after riders yourself.

Control where you work

The xooox driver application allows you to set your legal geographic boundaries, and how far you are willing to travel for any work you win.

Registration is easy

Once you have downloaded the app, simply fill in the required fields and you can be up and running in minutes – it’s that easy.

As part of the registration process you will need to set up an account to process all your weekly payments. This is your account as you are an independent business. Payment provider charges apply.