Welcome to the xooox rider application

The xooox rider application opens up a world of choice, safety and convenience, all at your fingertips.

Dynamic pricing

xooox search technology lists real-time pricing and ETA(s), at your fingertips. Use the time window to wait and watch for your best price as drivers interact with you in real-time.

Use the filter to prioritise best price or nearest driver, and when you are happy, just one press of a tab secures your price and ride.

Feel good using xooox

xooox has been built on ethical values: drivers are not exploited and fleet operators are not put in jeopardy as they remain in complete control of their businesses.

xooox doesn’t use a rating system as this has been shown to be an exploitative way to control what a person’s income can be. People are subjective and not a piece of technology.

xooox is good for the environment

xooox gives you a choice of vehicle types, including electric only.

xooox uses a unique entity search engine which, when introduced to a city or town, begins to reduce carbon output as vehicles don’t have to drive around empty looking for rides.

Safety is a priority

Know who’s collecting you in advance. See the driver and all their licensing details including the fleet operator the driver is linked to.

At the tap of a button, choose to talk to the fleet operator or driver. If you leave anything in the vehicle this option is always available after your journey from your stored receipt information.

Direct incident reporting

At the end of your journey, you have the ability to raise any serious complaints directly with the authority responsible for the licensing of the driver.

If you just want to block the driver from your searches, just press one button and that driver will never appear in your search results again.